Swedish woman. Visiting the islands, the outer Hebrides. Heard stories about a Swedish woman from people we met but it seemed like no one really knew who she is or where she lives. One evening out on the west coast, near Port of Ness, we joined a dance at Borve Hotel. The band played folkmusic and called themself Ceum Sunndach. We sampled the music and worked with it in our studio in Sweden. The result is a strange mix of folkmusic from the island and modern swedish dancehall. Wish we were islanders... wish we could taste Guga instead of bad raised chicken. This recording includes following musicians from the leirnes collective: Klas Lind, Arne Brox Leirnes and Mats Tinnervall and of course Calum Mackay and the other members of Ceum Sunndach.  

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